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  1. its just weird that the supply they put in the pre built maybe its just a bad one?
  2. ok i think i may run to best buy and see what they have in stock i just tried to run furmark and it crached about a quarter of the way thru so im guessing that helps confirm that theory?
  3. so in the current shortage of gpus ive been searching for a decent priced one for months now and been in the newegg shuffle almost every day but to no avail i ended up breaking down and buying a "slightly" used prebuilt off of facebook. its a HP Omen 30L ryzen 7 3700x 16gb hyperx ddr4 ram 256gb ssd with 1tb hd and an RTX 2060 (not sure witch manufacturer) with a 500w power supply. the motherboard looks generic to omen. It plays light games just fine even plays Elite Dangerous on high settings 1080p no crashes in elite yet but when i start up COD Warzone it gets to the menu then the screen goes