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  1. okay looks like if i bump up the speed to 60-80% for like 30 secs it stops doing it, then i lower it back
  2. alright so i tried to play some CSGO and the fan was about 40% for like 20 mins. now when i exied the game, it stopped making clicking noises. now i think it started again but quieter
  3. usually the disk is used, so it will of course stutter, it also happens to me, dont worry about it
  4. My GPU fan is making weird little clicking noises, tkktkktkkttktkkt really soft, you cant really hear them, but when its quiet in my room you can kinda notice it, the sounds are present when gpu fan is at 29%, and if i bump it up higher, it will be a bit louder. Should i be worried?
  5. no,its not a stock one, its a little bit thicker than a stock one, and its held by screws, thats my problem
  6. Hi, today i bought some new thermal paste for my pc. I said it will be easy, but now that i think about it, im kind of scared to replace it. what if i dont put the cooler back correctly? can anyone give me some tips or something to feel better?