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    speedrunning, Game Programming with Unity Engine, Neural network


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    I5-3470 (Ivy bridge)
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    Asrock H61M-DGS, P1.60 Bios
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    8GB 2x4 Dual channel SK Hynix ddr3 1600Mhz pc12800
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    RX-560D Sapphire Pulse 2GB Vram
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    Raptor striker 1501 Micro ATX Cases
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    500GB HDD 7200RPM 3.5
    120GB SSD 2.5
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    Enlight 400 Watt 80+
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    HP LV1911
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    NYK TKL Keyboard
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    Logitech b100
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    Logitech Z120 (Speaker)
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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    Xiaomi Note 4
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  1. Damn this is actually my first time in this forum someone is actually Agreeing with me lol, Ussualy I just got either a counter argument or tellling me to go f*ck your self, which is rude. But thanks for the agree here buddy, It's mean a lot
  2. Nvm I just google it before you replying to me, I mean there are a lot of people around the world who have a decent English as a second language, Myself including, I'm a bilingual can speak both Indonesian and English, While it's not perfect. So I don't think ESL really matter. Sorry if I'm somehow hurt someone feeling rn
  3. "ESL" Stand for what mate? Agree I'd also probably Hold on with the i5 9400f, It still and are pretty decent middle range CPU, And maybe have a same performance with the Ryzen 2600 (cmiiw) Waiting a bit is also a good choice actually, Especially with those incoming AMD 5000G APUs, Or maybe wait a bit longer till the DDR5 Become a thing with Intel 3nm or something like that
  4. Just do whatever will do good for you, If you do want to go with Ryzen 5 2600 then it is a good option, But Ryzen 5 3600 is better, Again idk about the current price from your country, There are no shame going with Intel or AMD, Be a Fan of competition, Also fix your grammar
  5. Damn you're typing those, A really long thread, People need to appreciate it actually.. So If you think you got Hacked at some point maybe try to backup all of your account, Such as Email account and password. And maybe change the Password in case somebody has been try to hack your account, Or like Reset API key in Steam if you have them. Then follow these step: - Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft.com (Not from anything elses) - Install the Windows - Format the Drive - Do a clean install in your PC - Don't plug the internet when you're first time
  6. Maybe try to find some on the used market, They're actually have been come pretty cheap, Probably the reason why the Ram gotten expensive probably because it's new and from a pretty and reputable retailer or something, From what I know DDR3 has been gotten really cheap in used market, But not for the "New" Ram you find them online, Actually Most of them are not actually that fresh from the factory, DDR3 Demand are actually lower and lower of over these year because of the Popularity in DDR4 making it a bit aged, And soon the DDR4 will also be the Next DDR3 when DDR5 become a consumer thing.
  7. Yeah both are a really good no so old CPUs, But Maybe get the Ryzen 5 3600 Instead which using 7nm instead of 12nm, And much better zen2 architecture with gen 4, Or idk about you but maybe also consider get a I5 10400 or I5 11400 If you can find them at/or near the MSRP in your country, The MSRP is about 175-200USD (Idk about your currency just google it) the near MSRP the better, I5 10400 is outperforming AMD Ryzen 3600 in Gaming, Which is great and have a significant price drop.
  8. Don't worry, Quoted from a reputable forum, They said "AMD has confirmed that X570, B550, and A520 motherboards will support the new 5000G processors. X470 and B450 motherboards might also be supported, but that depends on the motherboard manufacturer" So B550 Only not supporting a Ryzen 3000 APUs, But not for incoming 5000 APUs, From what I know B550 also has Support for Ryzen 4000G Series. And for the board that is actually pretty solid board, For a 105.99 USD with a front Type C is a steal, But if you have better budget you could go with MSI B550 Tomahawk or ASUS B550-F ROG, Bot
  9. You sure?, Have you watched the video I've sent to you?
  10. This maybe a good rule of thumb for you, This is from my boy Optimum tech from a while ago I think
  11. Those are called Coil whine, And that actually perfectly normal, But if you want to lowering the noise of that god damn coil whine you can undervolting the GPU a bit and caped the FPS so it's not going up to 1000FPS in some scenario because it will make unnecessary load (For example with Valve's games such as CSGO, Portal 2, TF2. capped the FPS to under 1000fps with +fps_max 1000 in the launch option), And maybe medium setting as possible, GPU Coil whine exist because a heavy load from a GPU and cause by a vibration electromagnetic coils When a current passes through an inductor. But as long
  12. Of course you do, Both are a Giant CPU producer, Both AMD and Intel is a Solid choise, There are no really a major benefit picking on and the other if you just seeing a CPU without seeing their performance, Actually whichever CPU you want to go there are no major benefit from one to the other, You have to be fan of the competition, Personally I'm currently using Intel Product, And I might prefer AMD as my next build simply because their CPU has better "Nice to have" Such as 7nm and lower TDP easier PGA Socket, But If someday Intel release a better CPU at a some price range, Obviously I will go