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  1. Jnash

    Fps wont cap

    so thank you for your help
  2. Jnash

    Fps wont cap

    i dont know how to do it on the monitor but i turned it on in game and it worked
  3. Jnash

    Fps wont cap

    Fortnite and i capped it in settings
  4. Jnash

    Fps wont cap

    I am triyng to play a game and I capped my fps to 144 and it still runs past it. How do i fix this
  5. I have a system that has a 5600x and a temporary gtx 770 waiting to get a 3080 and I have a 280hz monitor but I can't get it to 280 it won't go above 144hz also I am using the dp that the monitor came with. Also I tried it with my brother's 1650 super and it works with 280hz
  6. Ok thank you very much I was very worried
  7. I scratched it on accident when I was installing the radiator it made friction with the case