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  1. thank you both for responding i have found a motherboard
  2. hello i want to upgrade my motherboard and i have a few specs that i want on it. like wifi and bluetooth. does anyone have a reccomendation for one with wifi and bluetooth for under 150 euro's? i need an am4 socket if anyone has any recomendations i would love to hear them thanks
  3. thank you so much!!
  4. thank you so much for responding. but i have no backplate at all so do you maybe know how i can make one from scratch? or can i just paint the top of my gpu with spraypaint
  5. Hi i had a question about my gpu backplate and how to handle it. is it a bad thing if my fingers touch the pcb and the little dots on it. i have an asus radeon rx 580 and i find the backplate looking a bit ugly in my pc so can i just tape a piece of black paper ont there or something? or is there a more profesional way to make it look better.