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  1. My temps are below 45 with aio I don’t plan to oc my computer anymore with the issues I was having
  2. Bro I think it’s fixed now. I just wanna thank you so much I thought I messed up really bad thank you man
  3. My cpu now stays at 4ghz or lower but my power plan switches to and balanced and power saver which the amd plan makes my cpu go up to 4ghz. I just removed the power plan tho I read that it’s no good
  4. How though if I had turned off game mode?
  5. I will try that rn. Do you think the msi game mode is what causes this because this had never happened to me until I turned it on
  6. I don’t have any oc software and pbo doesn’t seem to help I also changed the cpu ratio but that also doesn’t help
  7. So is it able to be fixed because my cpu would never had gone higher than 3.7ghz
  8. So it’s normal for my cpu to go at that speed?
  9. Also my cpu isn’t oc so I can’t disable pbo. This also never happened u til I used the game boost and turned it off
  10. My ryzen 72700x goes up to 4.050ghz with stock settings in bios and I’ve done research and the clock speed is supposed to be 3.7ghz I’ve made sure there was no oc on the cpu and everything is stick I also removed the cmos battery to see if that would work but it doesn’t reset to normal speed. When I’m in idle my cpu tends to get hot and I think it’s because of the 4.050ghz. Also I’ve change the cpu ration from auto to 37 which helped but when I game it tends to heat up not as before. I had also turned on msi game mode but turned it off because my cpu was going up to 65 degrees idle. could my c
  11. So when every I open up and Ryzen master I reset the profile even though I hadn’t changed anything. But after I rest the profile my edc goes up really high. Is this bad?