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  1. correct cables are in, video is plugged into the graphics card yes. Starting to think the mobo is dead?
  2. i can't get into the bios, i boot it and it's just a black screen
  3. Hi i cleaned out my old pc to give to my nephew, i fitted a new SSD and it wont post, nothing else was changed since i last used it which was about a year ago. FX8350 R9 290X Sabertooth 990FX 2.0 RM750 PSU vengance ram sticks (can't remember the mhz) The problem seems to be BOOT_DEVICE_LED where it won't get past that on startup, the led stays red, screen is black. So i'm guessing it's trying to use the old boot order before i put in a fresh SSD, i've tried different sata cables, sata slots on the mobo and power connections. So then i tri