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  1. Ya i agree after i started researching about all this i had no ide few yrs back and my dad's pc guy did it for me. But i just want to know with my old setup i use to get 150+ in valorant but now I am barely reaching 150 my average is 100.
  2. same setup the only difference was my gpu and motherboard. I use to have gtx 1050ti and x370 gamingplus after upgrading my pc to x470 gamingplus and gtx1650 i am not getting the fps i use to get in my old setup. With gtx1650 i am getting stable 60fps in warzon low settings with sometimes 80fps and lowest 50, i dont understand i am getting stable fps in such a demanding game, i cont even get 200 fps in valorant. I get almost 150-220 fps in csgo with avarege 180.
  3. yes i have set my gtx 1650 as my main for every game and for valorant i am selected it through nividia control panel and even in windows graphics settings. I dont understand why i am not getting the fps i use to get with gtx 1050ti i only upgraded my gpu and motherboard.
  4. I am using a 4gb stick and a 8gb stick both are Corsair Vengeance
  5. my ram speed is 2400 MHz but i overclocked it to 2900MHz
  6. But before i upgraded my motherboard and gpu from x370gamingplus to x470 gamingplus and gtx1050ti to gtx 1650 i use to get 150++ fps with out even twicking any settiis.
  7. I have a ryzen 52400g, gtx1650, 12gb ram, custom air cooler. I am barely hitting 140fps in valorant, my average is 100, it drops down to 88 sometime. my cpu and gpu utilization stays under 50% and 30%. In other games like fry cry 4 at ultra setting motion blur off i get constant 50 fps with max 62 and lowest 44. In pubg all low i get 100 fps easily. I have done everything to improve fps like render scale i have decreased to 40% still no fps difference. I tried playing with my dad's laptop specs I7 8750h gtx1050ti 16gb ram. I am getting over 150fps at max settings. Please help someone please.