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  1. Thought i post here since my own threads haven't seemed to reach anyone. If anyone had fun doing the pentathalon, there's an all year boinc competition. Current sprint is Universe@Home if anyone could lend their CPUs
  2. Posting this here for more visibility. If anyone has any extra cpu power they can spare for Universe at Home, we're just barely scraping by in the sprint so it any help would be appreciated.
  3. If anyone could lend their CPU's to Universe at home it would be much appreciated, as we are currently just barely scraping by.
  4. What is Formula BOINC? Formula BOINC is a year long BOINC team competition based on the structure of the Formula 1 Championship. Points are amassed based on a team's individual project ranking throughout the year and by their ranking in each of the 23 sprints. See the Formula BOINC home page for a full breakdown of the rules: Formula Boinc The OCN team was relegated to League 2 for the 2021 season. Our primary goal for the 2021 season will be to get back up into League 1. Sprints 03/19/2021 11:00 (UTC) - 03/22/2021 10:59 (UTC) SiDock@home - Rank: 5th 03/26/2021 03:00 (
  5. https://formula-boinc.org/index.py?lang=&year=2021 The next sprint has been confirmed as Universe at Home.
  6. https://www.overclock.net/threads/formula-boinc-2021.1777689/ I happened to stumble across this Formula BOINC 2021 competition that's been going on. The next sprint hasn't been announced yet if anyone is interested in participating.
  7. Well looks like even with 14 threads, my 5800x is gonna take five hours per task so that's probably for the best
  8. I do plan on participating. I can't remember the last time i ran ESP tasks but would it be best to just throw all of my threads on one at a task or do multiple at a time?
  9. This was alot of fun, glad i could contribute. I guess, i'll take my machines off the projects then. I did have some other BOINC projects i wanted to contribute to in the mean time.
  10. Should I hold steady on WCG until it's over? Or get everything switched over to SIdock?
  11. I just added a i7-9750H to the mix. So in total I've got a 5800x, I7-8750H, 8600k, i7-9750H all on WCG.
  12. Until 8pm tonight. That's when the Sprint ends
  13. Yeah I woke up this morning to find all my PC's had a ton of WU's uploading. Thankfully this program downloaded way too many WU's so I can still crunch them while the server's down.
  14. My 5800x and 2 8th gen I5's are on NFS and crunching