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  1. 1080 fe 400 8gb 5500 xt 350 6gb
  2. my neighbors friend has one he got idk how tho
  3. ya fr ebay freaking sketchy
  4. I can buy a brand new 580 for $375 or a used 1080 founders edition for the same. I want to play apex fortnite and microsoft flight sim.
  5. Wait ik my integrated gpu Ain't working. The yellow lights next to dram
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JacksonHans/saved/#view=PNhN6h thats specs theres an led that's yellow but turns red and dies
  7. I just built a pc and it turns on cause I can see rgb but then turns off then turns on the off. What do I do? Please help me
  8. How d Ya I missed that ty. But the led ones are only 1 pin so do I put on top or bottom?
  9. I looked but can't find on board or manual
  10. There's 4 things on one cable. There labeled +pled, -pled, power sw, reset sw. the sw ones have 2 holes and the others have one. Where the heck do they go? I have a b560 tomahawk WiFi. My case is a 220t rgb.
  11. I used another screw driver and it worked tysm
  12. I'm using as much force as I can lol