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  1. I appreciate the reply. And i can see this up my quality a bit. But i would really like to figure out why all mics i try are so low on this pc. My old pc was able to just plug and use any mic without any issues. And there was a mic boost option (now that you mention it) My friends got mic volumes that are loud and clear (i actually have to turn them down a little) and they do not use any software to boost. So why is this one so terrible when it comes to mics? That i can't figure out
  2. Hello tech people! I have an issue with the volume and quality of my mics that i can't seem to fix no matter what i try.. And help would be appreciated! So.. My issue is that my mic volume is very low even with everything on max When i speak on discord my friends need to turn me up by 150% + to hear me. And one of them got the same headset as me, but is much much louder compared to me. And my mic needs to be so close to my mouth that i can almost taste it I have tried multiple headsets and mics and its all the same. Steelseries artic 3 (analog) HyperX cloud 2 (usb) C
  3. Okay. Thanks for the help
  4. So even without a "gsync compatible" monitor. Its still worth it to have it on?
  5. Hello I have a few questions i hope you can help me with. First of all the monitor i use is a AOC C24G1 144Hz 24 (freesync) I'm really not sure if Gsync should be enabled or not. And if so, what settings? There seem to be a lot of opinions on this when i google it and i can't seem to figure it out. I was told Gsync on and Vsync on in control panel was the way to go and then vsync off in game. That's what i've been doing for a while now but i have noticed my frames jumping a lot from 144 down to 100 something in games (or even below that) And was wondering if those settings was the c
  6. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    I looked at the order email for the name of my hardware. And in that it says its a gigabyte.. But looking closer its actually not. its an ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER.. something. How i never noticed that is beyond me.. oh well, too late to complain about that now. Anyhow.. I belive my fans are set to "cpu" already in bios. I will take a look at it and see if i can figure it out. Thanks for the help
  7. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    Also i tried turning up my case fans by 15% on all. And it did nothing.. The temp was like 1-2 lower than usual. (tested in the same game in the same place as the picture above) Things i noticed that makes me think something is wrong with .. i dunno my motherboard or power supply? My back and top fans spin at a constant speed all the time. as they should. But my 2 front fans seems to slow down just for a second before they go back up to normal speed. and they do this over and over (its pretty quick but still) I had that issue before and i ended up getting new fans because i was tol
  8. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    This is my options for fan curve in bios. I couldn't fit all of it in 1 picture otherwise it would be too blurry (phone picture.. I don't know how to take bios screenshot)
  9. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    I do appreciate the replies. But i have idea how or what any of that means
  10. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    I see. The 300 one (cpu) ramps up as needed by itself. And never gets too hot. Never had it overheat before and it keeps cool. So no need to fiddle with that one I suppose i could raise the rpm of the front fans a little. Or try to make a curve in the bios thing somehow (haven't done it before) I will look into it and see what i can do. Thanks for the reply
  11. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    You gave me something to think about here. I did consider if the airflow was bad.. And did some research. I have the nzxt h510 case. And looking online i'm not exactly getting good reviews in, like the front is kinda closed off so intake is limited and so on. I got the case with my pre-build computer (sorry tech people.. I admit it was pre-build) and didn't think about stuff like this. Since you asked about airflow i will assume you know a thing or two about it. And maybe point me in the right direction 1. Should i consider a different case? 2. is it bad that my case fans doesn't spin
  12. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    That's okay. I could hear the song in my head when i wrote that
  13. Kim_NT

    GPU heat

    2 in the front = in. back and top = out