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  1. It is so blatantly obvious that many PC, if not most, are able to run The City in this game, but 2k decided not to. Why? Because they are too lazy to pour this gameplay feature to the PC platform. This also means that people pay the same amount of money for the game as the next-gen console players, but don't get to enjoy the same experience, or even just lack of, when compared to the next-gen console's. If this is not a rip-off or straight out a scam, I don't know what is.
  2. No, because the v39.1 NBMiner can unlock the hash rate to 70% for all LHR cards, so the 40 M hash is already the 70% unlocked hash rate
  3. For every 12-13 hours, my gpu hash rate would drop from around 40 to just 20 M hash and its core clock would be increased by around 500 Mhz for some reason and still drawing the same amount of power as before, it went back to normal after reopening the mining program, but it is just so annoying having to reopen the program every half day, can anyone tell me what to do? My setup: GPU: gaming z trio 3060ti LHR (normally I set it to 60% power limit and the core clock is around 13-1400 Mhz, as for memory clock, its 7800Mhz) Mining program: NBMiner v39.1 with nicehash miner
  4. I don't know which one to choose because I am not sure if my gpu can handle 1440p gaming Choices: LG-GN600B LG-GN800B My spec: I5-10400 rtx3060ti ram 16gb(2x8)
  5. But if I remove the filter at the front, wouldn't the dust just fill my case up?
  6. I'm sorry but what honey comb are you talking about? Cuz I don't find any on the nx800
  7. But I think the NX800 got a dust filter other than just the mesh at the front panel right?(I'm not sure) While the 215 does not (also not sure). Personal I would give up some air flow for a dust filter cuz I'm really worry about the dust getting into my system.
  8. Thx, the noice shouldn't to big of a deal for me since I put my computer under my desk, and also, doesn't seems like gamers nexus got review of these two cases
  9. I'm stuck between the Antec DF600 flux and NX800, both seems to be good bank for the buck, which one is better and why?
  10. Understood! Thank you guys
  11. Should I choose a lower end higher tire card like 3060ti rog strix oc, or a higher end lower tire card like 3070 dual?
  12. What's the difference between these two cases? On the official website, TD 500 comes with 4 120mm pre-install fans while the mesh version comes with 3 (personally don't really care about ARGB or RGB). Both of them have dust filter one the front, top and bottom of the case. So where is/are the difference(s)? p.s. please answer something on the technical side, don't say things like one is newer
  13. I also saw lots of good things about the 215 with it's 200mm fans, but what I concern is that the front panel doesn't have a dust filter, only a metal mesh, and I am really worried about the dust getting into my system
  14. I just place it on the floor of my room, but I found after a period of time the air intake spot is very dusty. (probably its just me being lazy to clean it frequently, but like I said, I am lazy to clean it) And please, do recommend me some filters, I know nothing in this field.
  15. Between 4 cases: 4000d airflow LanCool 205 LanCool 215 TD500 mesh Which one would you guys recommend me to buy? I am not planning to buy extra fans for the case so stock cooling performance is very important for me. Also, dust filtering is also an aspect that I found important personally. (As some of the cases above only have a metal mesh at the front, not a truly dust filtering mesh, and I have heard those require cleaning once a week, and I am lazy about that )
  16. I mean run games at 1080p with a 2k monitor
  17. But what will it feels like to run 1080p with a 2k monitor? Cuz with my setup I think I can achieve 1080p at 144Hz
  18. But what resolution are you running at?
  19. My current setup is: CPU: i5-10400 RAM: 16GB in dual channel (speed is 2666MHz) GPU: 1660ti So can this setup run games at high quality setting in 2k 144Hz?
  20. Would the LG 27GN800-B also be a viable option?
  21. What if other than 1080p, what great option are there for 1440p? (also under 300USD)
  22. So if I don't really care about viewing angles and super fast respond time, I would better off get a VA display?
  23. BTW, I'm not that familiar with display technology, what's the difference between TN, IPS and VS panels?
  24. I am looking for a 1080p 27", at least 144Hz monitor, I mainly use it for games, are there any great option that's under 300USD?