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  1. Oh my God yes that was a program I installed earlier I can't thank you enough
  2. Hey! Guys i NEED HELP, so the problem is i installed valorant and when the vanguard got installed as well i restarted the system then i got presented with a error, for which the solution i cant find on internet, the problem is when i restarted the laptop a popup appeared quoting" Vanguard Has Blocked The Following File From Being Loading On Your System '\Device\HarddiskVolume4\system32\drivers\EUEDKEPM.sys' So guys this is the problem i facing i really want to play valorant, I also tried the basic troubleshooting of un-installing and re-installing vangaurd 2 times, but
  3. yes i have bootable usb but i cant access the boot drive selection menu to switch to usb for boot, the windows never shows anything now so !!!!!
  4. Hi ! so guys i NEED HELP in a issue where my windows are not working (like not even showing anything) and my laptop has ubunto aswell in dual boot. its been 3 days since this issue occured, it started with laggy desktop and unresponsive clicks, and after some time it got worse and now my windows are not even booting, i was trying the basic troubleshooting step of 3 times opening and closing the windows so go to autorepair thingy but as soon as the 2nd attemp was done the windows never opened and in the 1st attemp windows never evr passed the loading screen. Like i said i