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  1. I think you killed the VRAM with static most likely, artifacting is definately a VRAM problem and I doubt your replacement pads are causing it from not showing in GPU-Z either. Big F in these current times
  2. In Australia you are looking at 2k-3k and up for 3070/3080... No store has stock and second cards are going for just that.
  3. Afterburner reports it as the GPU die temp unless I'm mistaken? I repasted with m-4 and removed the heat sink and confirmed the paste has made very good contact between GPU and sink, I didn't spread the paste I let it spread naturally as I screwed the heat sink back on. I have come to figure out that running this card without vsync in 1440p really kicks it in the guts thermally, I applied vsync at a capped 60fps in 1440p and it instantly dropped my temps in BFV to 70-75.
  4. Stay away, my 1060 turbo ran at 80c full load and only gets hotter recently.
  5. I hear you mate, this wasn't intended to start a war over opinion i was asking for myself and what methods i should try
  6. Noted, so when applying just put a healthy glob on and reseat the heat sink and let it spread across naturally?
  7. I have a few questions here guys which i cant really find a consensus on with opinions ranging far and wise and wanted to ask everyone here. Firstly is application, i see people putting a bigger glob on the gpu than the cpu and letting it spread naturally with the heat sink once re attached. Personally i use the credit card spread method. Secondly is which paste? I see a lot of people recommending M-4 Reason im asking is because i repasted with Arctic Silver 5 using the glob and card spread method and my temps actually went up. Any input is appreciated
  8. I'm in Australia so not sure what a big box is? Is that the equivalent to an electrical hobbyist store?
  9. Looks like I'll just play the waiting game and hope they get back to me
  10. Thanks for the reply. The card in question is an Asus 1060 Turbo 6gb, I have contacted Asus for some clarification in hopes they will get back to me. The reason I want to replace them is when I repasted the gpu I noticed some pads aren't in the best condition and my temps are climbing to 90c which has led me to set an 80c limit on the card in afterburner.
  11. Hi all im after some advice on which thermal pads to buy for my gpu, i was going to buy the thermal grizzly 8 pads but read they are very stiff and may not squish without force. Does anyone have experience in this field that can point me in the right direction?
  12. Hey mate this will be A HUGE necropost but i came across your thermal pad sizes for an asus 1060 turbo 6gb and was wondering if those were the exact sizes?


    Long shot for you to remember but will be helpful 🙂