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  1. Thanks for this, I am ultimately determining whether the flash back from USB would cause an issue if I have installed the CPU that is supposedly incompatible without a BIOS update.
  2. Just finished installing my new Ryzen 7-5800x into my MSI x570 MAG Tomahawk board and its water block today when I started reading on the required BIOS update. My question is whether I am able to complete the BIOS flash without removing the CPU and water block?
  3. Ultimately it’s for pure organization but if it has no benefit akin to spinning drives then guess there is no need. thanks!
  4. So pretty quick question hopefully, I am installing a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro in a new build and am considering doing an OS partition like I have in previous builds. I wanted to confirm with people more knowledgeable on my inquiry as follows. If I partition 100GB for OS/C: drive installation and it reaches near capacity on just the partition not the overall drive could there be a performance drop? Thank you in advance for your aid!