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  1. I did - they sent me one, I used it. And it still doesn't work. Strangely enough the fans work fine before the nvidia driver is installed.
  2. I've asked for help in other parts of the forum however the issue has changed slightly. Essentially, from the moment I start my computer my GPU fans ramp up to 100% and stay there. Everything is new. I've tried everything - clean installs of OS, all software removed, card removed, cables removed, fans checked so and so forth. Nothing seems to be working. The only way to turn the fans off is to use afterburner and set it to "auto". This turns the fans to 0%. However, the second the fans need to turn on again, AB is reading 30% however the fans are quite clearly spinning at 100% evi
  3. The fresh windows install did nothing. My fan is still currently spinning at only 100%. I've tried everything and at this point I'm so upset. It took me so long to get my hands on all these pieces and now they aren't even working properly.
  4. I will try a fresh OS install tonight. I'll report back with my results. Here's a clip of the card. This is the only speed the two rear fans will spin at (unless described in my op). HwVideoEditor_2021_05_13_063923163.mp4
  5. I've built a brand new PC, all components are brand new. I've done all the typical troubleshooting and I've narrowed my problem down to the following: When my fans kick in, even at 30% idle, the two fans closest to the back of the case ramp up to 100% and the fan at the front sits on 30% and behaves normally. I have the Inno3d 3070 iChill x4 which has 3 GPU fans and a gimmicky small 4th fan on the side that only kicks in when the card gets real hot. I uninstalled any and all software that may be conflicting with my GPU, including all RGB software etc. I then used DDU in safem