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  1. Same thing happened still appears as 2133
  2. I also did it with hwinfo and shows the same
  3. Yeah and when I save and exit I check the Os in ask manager it shows 2133 here: and Bios is saved but he bios frequency even when xmp is on appears to be around 2133
  4. Hi sorry I'm new to xmp and changing ram speed so I need a bit of help I have a ryzen 7 2700x A520m S2H motherboard (f10 bios version) And ripjaws f4-3200 8 gbx2 I have enabled xmp but on or off the speed is still 2133 ive tried manually setting it to 2933 bur still no luck My bios:
  5. So I have a ryzen 3 3300x currently in my pc and was wondering if it was possible to swap it for a ryzen 7 2700 x that i also have or should i just do a clean reinstall of windows for that
  6. Thank you guys for your answers
  7. In my post history I recently was going to receive a 680 but my cousin actually gave me his 780 ti for my bday and I'm wondering which of these power supplies would work (for now in the future ill be getting a better one) better cause I'm not too familiar with them
  8. Its a corsair psu so ill trust it and see how it goes thanks for the suggestions
  9. My cousin had given me some of his old computer stuff and I was wondering which gpu should I use I have an i5 6500,16gm ram and 550watt power supply
  10. alright thanks for the help ill RMA this drive and I should be able to get a samsung evo ssd that my cousin is gonna give me thanks everyone!
  11. This the SMART data from the adata tool would this help you find out or something else?
  12. no i havent installed any of those programs that do that ,not on purpose atleast, and even when trying to fresh install windows it will not let me format it.
  13. Adata SU630 SSD with my OS reverts back after each shutdown. The SSD retains all files except the new ones created and trying to format it wont work at all as it either doesn't work and or reverts back after a shutdown. I've tried checking for corrupt files but no luck any solutions? Crystal disk info shows that is is healthy