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About StuSavage

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus Dark Hero
  • RAM
    Trident Z royal 4000mhz 4x32 c15
  • GPU
    Asus White strix 3080
  • Case
    Lian Li lancool 2 mesh
  • Storage
    2tb sabrent rocket m.2
  • PSU
    1000w Corsair platinum hx1000
  • Display(s)
    Alienware 240hz 1440p
  • Cooling
    Asus white 360 LC AiO with 6 Lian li unifans
  • Keyboard
    White Razer mini huntsman
  • Mouse
    Finalmouse starlight 12
  1. If testing it using user benchmark was enough:.. yes but if you’re referring to testing it stock anywhere else I have not
  2. Golden sample territory, nice. One can only hope they have the goods to make that happen. Lol I’m also oc’ing my 5950x on dos oc to give me the best single core and multi core performance. Just hoping I have some top notch bins
  3. Where are you reading this? From what I read the sweet spot is 1900 fclk and 3800. But also there’s a guy who posted his results and was smashing good results on 2000 fclk and 4000. Apparently it’s just not stable and not many have ever got it to boot that way
  4. This is some pretty expensive ram. I just posted this in hopes someone with the same dark hero board and similar ram would be like “oh yeah after updating bios my rig is loving these timings and fclk @ this ram etc lol
  5. 1900 fclk and 3800 seems to be the best from what I’m seeing
  6. Build is 5950x with 4x32 (PC4 32000) Desktop Memory Model F4-4000C15Q2 trident Z royal ram and the dark hero board. Before I update my bios and dedicate a bunch of time to see what I can get to run I’m just wondering if anyone on here has a similar setup and got the ram to at least be stable at 4000mhz on the same board?