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  1. Thanks for the info guys, also sorry about the location, I just didn't know where something like this would be appropriate and thought more of the user experience rather than " does it actually plug into anything?" I'll look into the suggestions though! Or maybe just go somewhere and sit on the store's displays.
  2. It did not come with a manual, only manual that it came with the whole system was for the motherboard. The box does have some information though. Says hitting FN+ scroll lock does give access to a whole 11 lighting affects, which just changes the speed of the rainbow cycle or solid blue. Really sucks. The box also says "fully addressable with ASRRGBLED" and has the program icon on the box.
  3. Bought a pre-built (I know, I know) and it came with a fair amount of RGB and the software what came with it has yet to do anything at all. I've tried solving this on my own and looking for drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling, and ended up with just installing Dragon Center. That solved the problem for the most part except for one RGB component, my keyboard, which is stuck on the factory rainbow cycle. It doesn't seem to work with dragon center and after looking into it a little bit, it looks like it will only work with ASRRGBLED. Anybody know what I should do? I know the obvious answer wou
  4. Hello there, first post here, if not allowed here please let me know, anyways... My chair is a cheap chair that I got with a Walmart bundle and I find it really *REALLY* uncomfortable after about an hour of doing anything at just about any position. I'm looking for recommendations, what do you guys have and what are the price ranges that I should be budgeting for? Thanks.