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  1. just lookad and it appears that the cpu fan header powers the cpu fan and then splits off to power the 2 front fans while the back fan gets its own header. so yes, they did use a splitter.
  2. I bought custom built PC and there are currently 3 system fans and the cpu fan running. how can the 3 system fans be running if there are only 2 fan headers? i know you can also plug them into most other slots but all 3 sys fans are detected as such. i can attach a photo if needed
  3. I currently have 3 fans installed on it and want to install a fourth one. MSI doesnt mention the number on the website neither could i find it on the MB myself. Please Help A520M-A-PRO.pdf
  4. I am thinking about buying an Royal Kludge rk61 which has ABS keycaps and i want to swap them out for PBT ones. But i heard that it has North Facing LEDs wich apparenty means that some Keycaps wont fit. What do i have to look out for or what do i gave to search for to get compatible Keycaps? (If you know a good set just comment the link) Thanks in advance!
  5. I dont know but i have a Picture. It is described as an "AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB"
  6. The Board is an ASUS ROG Strix B450 F Gaming with an Ryzen 5 2600X. It will be Cooled by 3 Corsair 120mm LL fans in front and 1 120mm LL in the back. All of that is in an Corsair Icue 4000X RGB
  7. I am configuring my own PC and saw that the 5600XT and the 1660 Super were at the same Price with no noticeable difference. Which one should i choose? I mainly want to use the PC for 1080p gaming at high fps and VR gaming.
  8. What is the difference between the cases? I looked but i could not find one.