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  1. I need a wireless gaming mouse. Weight does not matter. I mostly play warzone and Minecraft. The more buttons the better I guess Hand Size Length 7 Inches Or 18 cm Width pinky to thumb stretched 8 inches Knuckle length 3,2 inches or 8 cm
  2. I'm going to be doing some school work some gaming and media browsing And i was wondering if u think spending a bit more for a better machine is worth it lets say i purchase a g14 or g15 instead. In theory i would have a more up to date laptop with better specs that would last me more.
  3. best for day to day use ( school work,media...) and gaming(not competitive i play casually and like nice graphics) I appreciate a nice screen and graphics. If this helps these are the games i mostly play : Minecraft the crew 2 assassins creed Valhalla a little bit of fortnite and rocket league but mostly warzone Thanks for the reply
  4. Hey Yall I was wondering what the best 1200 USD gaming laptop I could get ? I'm hoping I could get something with ray tracing. Thanks