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  1. My computer runs an intel core i7 ivy bridge and it runs perfectly fine. However, when using it I thought “Why should I get the latest equipment when this still runs everything smoothly?”.
  2. Here’s a desktop, game console, defibrillator, petty sedate, development machine, and everything else a person needs all in one.
  3. I have some old motherboards and computer parts laying around and I want to know how possible it would be to build a second working computer to use in tandem with my Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72 full tower. I also would like some ideas from others on how they think this might work with any other computer
  4. Let’s be honest, there is a way to synchronize all of those into an at-home supercomputer that can compete with modern hardware. This is a joke btw I don’t mean to make a topic of discussion. Unless...
  5. I’m just a conservative. If I see something that looks like a useless feature and does nothing that improves the quality of whatever it’s added to then I won’t use it.
  6. Bask in The glory of the logitech wingman extreme digital from 1998
  7. Yes, but I don’t keep them up all year
  8. Again, it is so little that it’s left unnoticed. There’s a small noticeable increase in temperature but ant the same time, would you really want to make your power bill go up just so you could have some decorations on your computer?
  9. If you can read this then you’re too close. Please stay 4 miles away from me, my children, and their school

  10. I honestly believe I can put my computer in a cardboard box and it wouldn’t matter as long as the box has holes in it for air flow.
  11. RGB consumes power that can go into other parts as well as increases the amount on your electric bill. At the same time it doesn’t even boost performance and takes some performance away (by a very small/unnoticeable factor)
  12. Go on Newegg and find yourself an old 8gb gpu that was made in 2012-2018