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  1. ABSOLUTE FACE PALM MOMENT! I for some reason copied my pre-configured existing bat file out and used my initial test miner bat... this was set to the US pool as my defualt pool from the UK... that would explain my stale shares... WHAT A MORON!
  2. Cheers pal! I'll keep an eye on it over the next 24 hours. I'm noticing around 20% stales at the mo from keeping an on it over the last hour or so, not good either no?
  3. I have just rebooted everything after having to move some stuff around, I will report back on my average after 24 hours. Am I right in saying everything should normalise over a 24-36 hour period?
  4. I'll start of by saying, pretty new to mining, I'm putting my gaming rig to some good use while I'm not gaming and having a while off after playing so much over the various lockdowns we've had in the UK. I'm using PheonixMiner and mining on the ethermine pool but my effective speed at pool is sitting at 15MH/S when my current hash rate is showing as 27.8-28MH/s. Running a 300mb broadband connection with a super low ping so don't anticipate it being anything to do with latency. Card: KFA2 GTX1070 OC Core Clock: +200 Mem Clock +200 Power Limit: 100 Tem
  5. Sounds like a daft question... Running the PC with no display output from the 1070... Would this make a blind bit of difference?
  6. Thanks buddy. After some further tinkering and OC of the core I've managed to get to between 27.3 and 27.8 which is better than anything so far. I'm going to do some more tinkering with the "-Straps 1 2 or 3" parameter in my miner bat file and run as admin from CMD by using the CD command. If I got 29 I'll be a happy miner.
  7. I have managed to get it sitting at 26.3 after some further tinkering as per your above recommendations, I've also pulled the HDMI cable out and let it sit there chugging away. I'll monitor it form the ethermine address page, granted it's the 'current' hash rate is 30.1 on the Ethermine page but I don't know how true that really is?
  8. Given that a whirl with -400 on the core clock and it's tanked the hash rate to 19
  9. Cheers Tegneren! I'll give that a whirl.
  10. Hey there! After spending the last month mining with NiceHash I've decided to move over to mining ETH using Phoenix Miner on my PC as I'm not gaming any more due to work commitments and would rather have it sat here churning away some crypto. After some tinkering and getting the card stable during testing over the weekend with the below over clock using MSI Afterburner I cannot seem to get above 25.5MH/s consistently. Got to say I may be slightly hooked! Core: +50 (Tried 100 but wasn't stable after 6+ hours) Mem: +500 (Tried 700 but wasn't stable afer 6+ hours)