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  1. Yes, I do have a Secondary drive, an HDD. So assuming that that is the issue, what could I do to possibly fix it? Just do a clean install of Windows?
  2. Hello there, thank you for your suggestions! Regarding your opinion on the possibility of a clunky install of Windows, is it possible that an issue would pertain even after months of use? Also, I think my secondary slot is compatible with SATA only if I'm not mistaken. Though hopefully, I can somehow make it work with your suggestions, thanks again for the input!
  3. Basically, my problem started about three days ago we booted up to a prompt saying that no boot drive was detected. We had a guy come over and all he did was reseat and clean the M.2 pins. And we were able to boot to windows. Next day, the same thing happened. We struggled a little bit to figure out what was wrong this time, but it was still the same solution, CLEAN the M.2 pins. We only reseated it prior to that, but had no luck. So right now, with some anxiety I powered my desktop on and was met with the same prompt. To note/Some Questions: -This does