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  1. As of now, the only one I am certain of is Java. There may be more but that's the only one I know of right now since I will be starting in the fall.
  2. I would mostly be using the Mac for coding, taking notes, and pretty much just using it anytime I wouldn't be using my PC. Would the 256gb be fine or would the 512gb be better? Would the MacBook Air be a good choice or should I opt out for a cheaper laptop instead if these would be my uses?
  3. Is there any main difference between the 7 core gpu and 8 core gpu for the M1 Air? It’s a $70 difference with my student discount if I upgraded the base M1 Air’s storage and memory or chose to get the M1 Air that already has 512Gb and chose to upgrade the memory. Is it worth the extra $70 or not?
  4. Alright. Are there any major trade offs between the two and would it be simple to program and code in Java on the Mac?
  5. Would a Macbook Air get the job done or would the MacBook Pro's price be worth the cost?
  6. I'm going to college and would need a laptop for notes and for programming and wasn't sure what I should get. Is the Macbook Pro a good choice or would a cheaper laptop be a better option?