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  1. RXZ


    i still have the drive and its in my laptop right now, plus i have a M.2 Drive
  2. RXZ


    the only thing i know is how i lost the data, i reset my laptop and i seriously regret doing that
  3. RXZ


    Maybe like photos, game data, videos, etc.
  4. RXZ


    Will unrecoverable data be recoverable in the future?
  5. Well I turned it off and didn't touch it for 2 or 3 months and opened it back up since I got an ssd card so I can install stuff on there instead of my m.2 drive, plus I tried a company which their called $300 data recovery and said they couldn't find anything
  6. I apparently reset my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec0xxx with the option of removing everything and I realized that was a mistake and when I tried to Recover files, I couldn't find them, and its been almost 4 months now, plus I did another reset but kept everything, if anyone can tell me if its Recoverable or not, I'd be glad since I've been losing hope on finding the files.
  7. Im looking for pictures and Save Data for my games, plus I meant i did a factory reset and picked the option to remove everything
  8. I was apparently dumb enough to reset my laptop and lost all my data, and I've been using recovery software but its not finding the stuff I'm looking for, can someone recommend me something.