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  1. That was toothless and heres his brother Mallows. Anyways, I get dizzy when it comes to math. XD
  2. Yup, Its my fault and I'm not blaming anyone. My question is, should manufacturers add some kind of protection for this kind of scenario and do you guys want it to? We plug all kinds of gadgets to our computer and sometimes a device that has a battery like our phones, It can get defective at some point.
  3. The batteries were just salvaged from another battery pack and the charge and discharge for the BMS were the same connection, so im certain that the battery pack supplied the voltage to the usb port. As for the motherboard, I don't trust it anymore. The cost of repair might could be a third of the price of a new motherboard (MSI a320m).
  4. So short story, I was making a small 12v battery pack as a back-up power for my network since power outages is getting frequent. After finishing the battery pack, my multimeter ran out of battery and decided to grab a of usb cable and charge it. I have 2 usb cable, one is connected to a wall charger and the other one is connected to my gaming/work computer. I grabbed the other micro usb cable to test charge the battery pack and then my computer suddenly turned off. To my surprise, the multimeter is being charged with the wall charger and the battery pack is connected through micro usb going to