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  1. Ahh thanks for the info, it's been eons since I have had to deal with components and knowing which are made with specific chips by codes etc. I'm from an era where overclocking a component was like rolling the dice of fate
  2. Shall do, never been a fan of overclocking, shortens the overall life and performance (hence why my old system has worked like an absolute workhorse for so long).
  3. I have a GTX 1080 from the now dead rig which will be getting used in the new build until the current situation with GPU availability settles
  4. Ahh yeah I was a tad confused for a moment , was scouring the site was getting frustrated to why they didn't have the ram.
  5. So something like this and overclock it to a higher frequency? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/corsair-vengeance-rgb-pro-64gb-2x32gb-ddr4-pc4-25600c16-3200mhz-dual-channel-kit-my-4cc-cs.html
  6. Would quad channel work, this came up in the suggestions and the site only seems to do single channel sticks in low frequency, everything 3200MHz and above is dual and quad. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-xtreem-8pack-edition-64gb-4x16gb-ddr4-pc4-28800c17-3600mhz-quad-channel-kit-black-my-09z-tg.html
  7. Thanks for the heads up regarding the ram, so getting 3600MHz is highly advised over the 3200MHz. The site I used for the list had them listed as Dual channel but if in your search the result was questionable then I will look into another brand and ensure single channel 4x16.
  8. After many years my very old but trusty 32gb DDR3, AMD FX 6300 rig I used as a development rig (promo videos/artwork, 3d modeling/scenes using Adobe AE/Pr and Cinema 4D for a charity brand I run also dabbled in the occasion music production for the DJing stuff I do using the Ableton DAW) recently got pushed a tad too hard for its old age and died. So after many months of saving I've pulled enough together for a partial rebuild (my GPU is a GTX 1080 and does the job for the moment, and until the current GPU mayhem settles it's pointless looking down that road just yet and I have a