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  1. Hey thanks either planning on wd red 2.5 inch (used) (about 30€ per 750gb/1tb) or even ssd. I'm into sff and don't need a lot of tb so i think im good. Only good it since it was a good deal with a ml06b case psu and fans all together not because i wanted to use sas drives. might still go 15mm and get a different enclosure since 600gb sas drives (15mm) can be had for 15€ a piece.
  2. Hey i recently bought an 8-bay 2.5 inch hot swap bay for sata and sas drives. https://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=267 It has 2 SFF-8643 connectors on it and i am not sure wether i can use an 8x 8087 sas controller card with adapter cables since most sources use the cables to adapt 8643 to 8087 and not the other way around. It would be a big price differnce if i could just get the 8087 controller as it would save me over 70€. If someone tell me if i can adapt it like this i would be happy since i buy all parts used, so i can't return them if it doesn't work