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  1. Hmm thanks for the tip about the PSU tester! Found a spare PSU i had lying around and plugged it in, it seems to work. The PSU is way underpowered tho, so i cant use the gpu with it . Dont know wth could have gone wrong with the PSU tho? I cant remember doing anything harmfull to it yesterday? I will contact corsair at least...
  2. I have had this pc for several months now without any problem. Today however it decided to randomly not boot up. All i see when i turn on the PSU is the light from the motherboard that indicates power is running through. Sometimes the PSU would make a "click" noise (as it did when i turned it off normally), sometimes it would not make any sound at all Right now i suspect that it might be a problem with the PSU, but it is not a cheap one, it is made by corsair, it should last more than a few months?? As you can see, the light on the motherboard is on, but the pc still wo