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  1. i dont want to lose every single document. (even i did lose most of my app data )
  2. oh okay i guess i just have to play without my graphic card then
  3. but like i said i just reset my system like a day ago (i really regret it)
  4. when i tried to verifying the game(csgo) it came up with this.... so what do this mean and how do i make sure this dont happen again
  5. so what iam getting here is that there is some sort of problems with my gpu driver. but i have fixed it already and i did reset my system a day ago, as for the cmos.....i am using a laptop
  6. so as the title have mentioned; my game frezze. so here is a time line of me crashing my game open steam---run csgo---play casual---start playing for 5 sec---game freeze for 10sec----on the game but dont see the screen----close csgo----unable to open csgo i tried fixing my gpu driver-https://linustechtips.com/topic/1336157-gpu-driver/?tab=comments#comment-14718373
  7. to all of you that repyed to me thank you but i did triy using the DDU 2 times already reinstalling drivers 20+ times
  8. so as the title have mentioned i got problems with my graphic driver and it all started with this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/videodxgkrnl-error/7a92a49d-2532-436b-a9ee-25a8828e5ea5. and i went through all that steps without it getting it fix and messing it up even more, it started to blue screen more and no games could be play if using the GPU. i also tried reseting which did nothing. so pls help me!!!