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    Anshuman1303 reacted to SorryClaire in Alder Lake vs Rocket Lake vs Tiger Lake   
    The difference will be in the architecture optimization and clock improvement, which leads to better Instruction Per Clock (how many maths it can do per second basically) which leads to a more efficient CPU or a much faster one. To put it simply in a rule of thumb: the newer it is, usually the better the product is (but of course there is exceptions to the rule and you should still refer to reviews)
    Its not in the letter, its in the numbers. Intel has made a consise guide to their CPU naming scheme.
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    Anshuman1303 reacted to Jurrunio in Alder Lake vs Rocket Lake vs Tiger Lake   
    Alder Lake is basically general improvements + extra small cores on top of Tiger Lake which only gets 4. Rocket Lake is basically Tiger Lake's design with double the core count and 14nm
    They don't, the letters only represent whether the CPU has iGPU disabled, multiplier unlocked, 5w or 15w (default) or neither base power limit.