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  1. I have it was one of the first things that was suggested to me the issues have continued since. This issues is not present with all games, for example I can play valorant and overwatch at quite a comfortable frame rate with no issues. i initially thought it was because M&B and Lotro are quite old games
  2. I've never overclocked it and I've seen it hit 80c while gaming on it in the past recent it been around 70-75c while gaming. I was using after burner to track it. Ive just seen on speccy that my mother board is 115c so I got Open hardware monitor and I got these results while idle. I'm assuming this is not good and this could be the source of my issue? I m sorry to say I don't understand what temperature equates to what. I'm not using a stock fan heatsink on the cpu I have a Cooler Master Seidon 120v if that helps understand the numbers some how.
  3. Hey folks I require someone smarter than me. For a few months now I have been having an issue with my pc. while playing certain games my screens would go black/light brown. this would happen with originally two games and now a third. The first games would me mount and blade warband. while playing the screen would go fully brown and the system would require a hard reset. while brown screening the games audio would still play. The second games is Lord of the rings online, this time how ever the screen would go black and after a 30's the desk top would appear and the games woul