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  1. Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2x8 16gb 3200mhz ram sticks (link below) and I was assured that they were compatible with my ASUS a320m-k motherboard, however once I'd installed the sticks the pc didn't boot therefore I contacted my manufacture for the pc and they helped me boot it up again. But the issue now is that I cannot overclock the sticks to 3200mhz and they're stuck on 2666mhz the team tried to help and they couldn't do anything as the PC wouldn't boot with D.O.C.P and D.O.C.P standard they suggested a bios update as the bios was is on ver.5602 and the latest is 5606.
  2. yeah i think c++ is where im going to be heading
  3. its been a week ive started, havent taken a single course just learned on things just by reading little by little
  4. my uncle was telling me to start with python but i dont know if it'll take me anywhere in the future as there will be many other python programmers to compete with
  5. so if my maths isnt very good web development is the way to go?
  6. yeah my maths limits my knowledge with python apparently as its not my strongest subject
  7. I've recently got into programming using HTML and CSS. But now I've decide to take this seriously so I want to either learn JavaScript or Python i want to do both game development and web development ( im more interested in games though) so I'm need help and some advice.
  8. Hello, I've recently been tempted to create an e-commerce site however I'm a complete noob therefore if anyone could help me out it would be highly appreciated. ( I planned on selling computer accessories such as keyboard keycaps, ps4 thumb grips and even a ps4 controller customization service.)
  9. thats what i dont know i need to find out which parts i need
  10. i want to build one for maximum customization
  11. Hello im looking forward to building a keyboard from scratch but i dont want to be spending more than £150. However my question is what would i need to build this and is there a cheaper option ( buying one already built is not an option for me!)
  12. From my personal experience I'd have to say the Nintendo switch is the worst console out there. I've got stick drift on the joy cons after 2 months, the buttons are wayyy to small and the joy cons kept falling off after a while ( I never even took them out!!)
  13. its only 2 slots so i dont think i can keep 4 rams in there
  14. alr but could you help me find the rams that i could use my budget is £100
  15. im buying it off ebuyer and that site doesnt have what im looking for
  16. but i wasnt sure on which ram to buy due of the speeds and other stuff, also someone told me that if i upgraded to a higher speed it would run as the speed my old sticks were on