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  1. yeah i think c++ is where im going to be heading
  2. its been a week ive started, havent taken a single course just learned on things just by reading little by little
  3. my uncle was telling me to start with python but i dont know if it'll take me anywhere in the future as there will be many other python programmers to compete with
  4. so if my maths isnt very good web development is the way to go?
  5. yeah my maths limits my knowledge with python apparently as its not my strongest subject
  6. I've recently got into programming using HTML and CSS. But now I've decide to take this seriously so I want to either learn JavaScript or Python i want to do both game development and web development ( im more interested in games though) so I'm need help and some advice.
  7. Hello, I've recently been tempted to create an e-commerce site however I'm a complete noob therefore if anyone could help me out it would be highly appreciated. ( I planned on selling computer accessories such as keyboard keycaps, ps4 thumb grips and even a ps4 controller customization service.)