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    iRain reacted to jonnyGURU in So I gave up..   
    Yes.  You should be fine for a couple days.  The PSU "should" just shut down if it's "overstressed", which it's already proven it does.
  2. Agree
    iRain got a reaction from boghubodaghi in So I gave up..   
    Sadly it is... I ordered an Enermax Revolution DF ERF850EWT 80+ Gold 850W from amazon last night, is this one good? And do you think it would be okay to use the apevia for 2 days while waiting for it? Ive had one issue of the PC powering down once in a game, and one issue of the display signal being lost while watching youtube.. (However someone told me to do a scan and windows found 1 error which they believe causes the random display loss)