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  1. Everything is okay my monitor is back thanks to u all
  2. tried it and my resolution ot the two monitors went one and yeah i will try safe mode and write back if it works
  3. i use vga to dvi and when i plugged my second monitor it worked fine but i changed the resolution and it apeared out of range
  4. Its not but i reinstalled them today and yeah but no i don't use custom resolution
  5. i tried to set 1366x768 60hz but nothing and my main monitor background went gray and i unplugged my second monitor and mine main was alright i tried to lower the resolution too but nothing , tried to duplicate and lower too but nothing
  6. I am with amd radeon rx570 4gb and i will try to set to safe mode . I watched some vids for safe mode and when it set on safe mode every one uninstalling their gpu drivers do i need to do it or just restart my pc and everything will be alright?
  7. i changed from display settings it was on 1366x768 and i tried to change it to 1920x1080 LG FLATRON W1943SS
  8. Hello im newbie here but i need help. I bought a new gpu and when i plug my second monitor it was ok and i tried to change resolution because i am stupid and this appeared. I tried reinstalling my gpu drivers but nothing changed. I look in internet and found somethings but i don't want to make my pc to safe mode. Is there any other way? Or will it repair if i reinstall my windows? Thanks!
  9. Hello 2 weeks ago i bought used Aorus Rx570 4gb. And everything is good i can play the latest games with no issues but there is problem. When i am on chrome or opera and watching something or just chating my screen stops only the screen i can hear sounds and my pc is running but can't see anything. Everytime this happens i restart my pc and everything is okay but it apears me Radeon Wattman error and that it was set on default. I searchet it on google but nothing i have the newest drivers and everything but yesterday it pops up blue screen and the error was video tdr failure and yeah. It only