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  1. Okay thank you for your help
  2. Thank you I will have to see if I have a bios update
  3. Evga GA supernova 850w and EVGA XC3 ultra 3080
  4. I just upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 5950x and I am also running an Evga 3080x with an 850w power supply. Earlier this week I received some new peripherals (all are powered by USB), since I have plugged some of those in my computer has crashed twice in the middle of a Warzone game. To boot my computer back up I have to go around and flip the actual power supply off and back on. Do I just need a bigger power supply? If so how much. I should also mention that I got a new Mic today, also powered by usb, and when I went to plug it in directly to a motherboard USB port I got a windows error about not