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  1. For those that might find this later down the line here's the lowdown. I plugged in the extra SSD and the HDD at the same time in the new computer, but the SSD used the sata power cable that came with the PSU and the HDD was using the one from my other PSU. Turns out that cable fried my full 6tb HDD and was causing a short whenever it was plugged into the new computer which caused the immediate shutting off every time I tried to start the computer with it plugged in. I'm like 90% sure I tried the SSD with the same separate power cable and it didn't work either (obviously) but the SSD was unhar
  2. For those that search and find this thread later, the ones that ended up working are the biggest screws from this set: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086WTZ5VZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Worked perfectly.
  3. Tried that off Amazon and they didn't fit. The screw holes in the motherboard are a lot larger than what the m.2 screw kits seem to come with. Any ideas where I can get the correct size? I reached out to gigabyte but no response so far.
  4. So it appears that I need this to get the M.2 to fit: https://imgur.com/a/Iw6qVg1 Where can I source these? Annoying the drive didn't come with any.
  5. So I took the covers off and there are screw holes there to fit a standoff for the smaller M.2 drives, but I don't have any extra screws that might have come with the mobo. The ones installed from the factory for the thermal guards to screw in are extremely tight, I'm not sure I could get them out without damaging something, and if I do remove one to get the SSD to screw in, the thermal guard won't have anything to screw into anymore. Where could i get a standoff quickly? I can reach out the Gigabyte but I'm guessing it'd be a multi-week turnaround.
  6. Two questions I could use some help with. The board is an X570 Aorus Master Wifi, which looks like this: I've got a 500gb NVME M.2 drive in the very bottom M.2 slot and it's exactly the same size as the thermal guard that sits on top of it. Fits perfectly. 500GB is way too small, so I bought a 2tb Samsung 970 EVO to add and I'm now confused on how to install a 2nd one. The thermal guards for the other two M.2 slots are much longer than the SSD itself so it cannot be plugged in and screwed in on the other end. Is that ok? With it connected to the thermal guard via the thermal
  7. I was hoping LTT's forum wouldn't have the typical forum posters like yourself. Bummer, but I'm sure this is the exception not the rule here. You can be helpful without acting like a jerk, and we'll all be better for it! Peace --------------------------------------- Anyone have any ideas or things I can try, ignoring the pointless derail. If the Sata cable is powering Kraken x63 just fine what would be the reason a HDD would cause the computer to not start?
  8. Sata power isn't standardized? I understand the 24 pin, but sata? The psu did not come with more than one sata cable. Either way, the sata power cable that came hooked up to the psu is already hooked up to the AIO for power and the AIO works fine so I'm confident the cable isn't the issue either way. And horror story? Give me a break, literally no reason to act like a jerk. I'll wait for help from others
  9. Thanks for the quick response! As mentioned I actually did try a different psu sata power cable from my other system that works in that computer and I had the same result so it's not the cable in this case. I guess I could try a third, but I grabbed the same cable that was powering the HDD's and SSD in the other system which worked 5 minutes prior to me taking it out and putting it in the new one where it didn't work.
  10. Long story short I got a fresh new system apart from the GPU since buying individual parts to upgrade my existing system was essentially impossible. It's got the following: GB X570 Aorus Master Wifi Ryzen 5900x 16gb Corsair DDR4 ram 500gb EVO 970 plus NVME RTX 2070 NZXT C1000 gold PSU My old system was intel based and has a total of 10TB of storage in it from a 6tb hdd, 3tb hdd, and 1tb ssd. I wanted to move the hard drives over to the new system but got the most bizarre issue and I'm totally stumped. If I plug in the power cable f