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  1. I do know that the BIOS us up-to-date. I was thinking about upgrading ram to 32gb anyways, but my current mobo doesn't really support many good 3200MHz options. So, I just have to decide if I should upgrade my ram first and chance that it won't work, or upgrade my mobo first and ram later.
  2. So I'm having trouble figuring out what is wrong with my build. About 50% of the time on start-up, only one ram stick is recognized (according to task manager), and I have to restart my computer. That always gets it to recognize both sticks of ram. When running xmp, I get BSOD while playing games, and they always have different error codes. I found that by turning off xmp, I don't get the BSOD's, but I still have the start-up issue. I have ran memory tests, and they have never found any errors with the ram. While researching today, I found out that the ram that I have