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  1. Vakuq

    Is this fixable?

    It’s all right I just don’t want to have to buy a whole new laptop just bought it and it’s all brand new so as long as the screen can be replaced I’m happy
  2. Vakuq

    Is this fixable?

    Fixing the screen instead of replacing the entire laptop
  3. Vakuq

    Is this fixable?

    I don’t trust myself not messing it up so I’m thinking about bringing it to Best Buy and having them do it but I just wasn’t sure if the damage is not fixable
  4. So I’m hoping someone with computer fixing knowledge will see this. Yesterday I came back in my room and saw my laptop on the ground and the screen was like this. Is this possible to be fixed? I’d rather it be fixed then need to be replaced. But everything works on it apps can run in the top right corner that whole spot works, just the screen everywhere else is either black or kinda flashing the back ground aka my desktop. Just if anyone can LMK if this is fixable even if I have to buy a new screen please tell me so I don’t have to lose my mind. Thank you all.