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  1. Alright update! Card ran fine for a few days but just now made some problems again. I was playing some Mhw when suddenly the screen turned black. I heard the game continue to run in the background and heard that windows sound when you plug something in and unplug something which I assume to be the gpu. Edit: I just had a look into eventmanager and around the time when it happened there is a warning about a faulty module and .exe Im not sure if a screenschot would help because Its all in german. But it said something about a faulty program "dwm.exe" which I suppose
  2. One thing that really concerns me is that freezing of the gpu? I dont know what exactly that is because its the first time a gpu did that. That high pitch noise and the flickering rgb lights together without a video signal kinda concerns me. Does somebody maybe have an idea on what that could be?
  3. Well yeah I heard about that method they use to make profit. Just weird that my 780 runs fine with the newest drivers considering its about 8 yrs old by now. I switched to a bit older drivers. Gpu runs fine so far if it crashes imma let ya'll know.
  4. Alright will do that. Quick question does that indicate smth more serious like the gpu about to fail or so?
  5. I already did check the capacitors but all of them seem fine. Im gonna take a look at it again and take a closer look at the solder joints. About the drivers, which ones would u suggest? I have the newest once installed rn.
  6. The computer itself doesnt turn off because both the rams and motherboards rgb is still glowing as usual and the Aio is running fine. Its just the gpus fans going at full speed and the display suddenly goes black. I can still turn it off normally by pressing the power button once.
  7. Greetings people! Alright let me get straight to the point. So I bought a gtx 1080 off of ebay in hopes of fixing it. Its a 1080 strix which randomly turns off well not completely off its fans start spinning at full speed and the display turns black. Something else it does is that when I turn it on sometimes it kinda freezes up or smth like that idk its really weird. When it freezes the rgb on it starts to flicker and a very loud high pitch noise appears like a coil wine but really loud. Idk why it does that. What I have tried so far: -Tested a different 850w psu = same