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  1. Yeah.. But i won't play heavy games on these APUs not until I get a dedicated gpu I was just wondering which is the better "CPU" not IGPU.. For the money, because I'm buying an apu for temporary use.
  2. Looking at benchmarks the Vega 11 3400g is a better apu (higher fps) but which one of them is a better CPU. Planning to upgrade to a dedicated gpu in the future. And on a budget, which is a better cpu its probably the 4650g right? But how better is it as a cpu? Or should I wait for the coming R 5 5600g? Share me your thoughts and experiences thanks PS I'm from the philippines, prices may vary from where you are
  3. @Chris Pratt Thanks ill do my own research about xmp right away.. Much appreciated
  4. @Chris Pratt Thank for mentioning using @ Thanks for the explanation.. So what would be the move here assuming I already have an aorus elite b450 Which supports 2933mhz max But upto 3600mhz (oc) And A 3200mhz 16gb 2x8gb ram Do i just goto Mobo bios and OC my Mobo to reach 3200mhz ram speed?
  5. Chris Pratt thats very technical i never knew DDR was the double of its original speed thanks ... tho i didnt understand the first paragraph yet
  6. synthaxe404 thanks i was wondering too .. because i wasnt sure which is supposed to be overclocked BUT.. if you say we only OC the ram not Mobo then what if the max speed of that ram is already 3200mhz which is inlined to the ryzen 5 3600 max ram support speed. then what did 3200mhz OC mean in gigabytes website for the elite b450 mobo thanks
  7. So I want to buy an aorus elite (or pro) b450 for my ryzen 5 3600 It says ryzen 5 3600 max ram speed support is 3200mhz so for best ram to cpu performance I must buy that 3200mhz ram right? But the aorus elite only supports 2933mhz but upto 3600mhz when overclocked (says so in their website) My question is do I simply have to OC the Mobo? When I have a 3200mhz ram? Or tell me your thoughts I don't have a pc yet Im still planning which parts to buy I have looked at the msi tomahawk max b450 but aorus is fine