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  1. Yeah pretty much, I was just able to get the PSU super cheap and thought it'd be the easiest way since I'm more into the whole building things than fooling around with electronics. Nope it's just 4-6 120mm case fans, is there an adapter I can get for a plug pack to just hook the fans right up? I didn't even realize something like that would be an option, I just figured using a PSU I'd have built in connections as I didn't want to be soldering anything mostly to avoid screwing things up and having it fail over time. I know it's all fairly simple but I was more comfortable just using built in co
  2. Ahh so is the problem with running it directly off the PSU that it needs to be going through a SATA connector? Or was I just mistaken all along? Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi folks, sorry if I missed a thread covering this already, I searched but couldn't find anything. Basically I'm not sure how to go about hooking some fans up directly to my PSU. I'm working on a little pet project that isn't part of a PC but needs some cooling to keep the ambient temperature low and the plan was to use a PSU to run some fans without having to do any soldering but I'm not sure what I need to use to run the fans directly off the PSU. I tried hooking them up directly but apparently that doesn't work from what I read online but I'm not sure exactly what I need to get