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  1. I can't change those multipliers since the cpu is non k Issue was solved by updating the BIOS (was F2 now is F6)
  2. HWINFO and MSI Afterburner both show the same results, with every core between 34-37ºc at idle and 47-51º while gaming
  3. Temps are 35ºc idle for every core and 50º while gaming Still can't solve the underclock issue
  4. Hello, I have a I5 7400 that should run at 3.0GHz base but instead runs at 2.2Ghz max even while playing warzone. I tried using the max perfomance power plan and checked everything cpu related was at 100%, I also changed the core voltage from 0.804V as shown in the pic (was set to auto in the motherboard) to 1.2v and got no extra perfomance CPU is running at 50º while gaming Specs: CPU: I5 7400 Motherboard: gigabyte b250m gaming 5 GPU: GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 1x16gb 3200mhz(XMP) PSU: 430w 80 plus bronze