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  1. Wow. Im the stupid here. They were in 1 slot and third, after changed slot 3200mhz works lol. Thanks alot!
  2. Thanks So after some power disconnect and more tries I'm able to get it running in xmp for 3000mhz 3200 mhz still crashes.. maybe I need to change something else? Tried already bios defaults and will get to clear cmos if nothing else works
  3. Hey guys I have a 2 months old pc, cl16 vulcan tuf yellow (8x2) 3200mhz ram I7 10700kf so I everything worked fine and speed of the ram was 3200mhz but I was unable to run xmp, pc would get in safe mode. So I updated my prime z490m plus motherboard bios to lates because I thought thats the problem.. everything boot fine but I cant get the ram speed over 2400mhz every time I try to make it higher pc would go safe mode.. any suggestions what to check?