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  1. Hello just wanted to put up an update and also maybe get more answers . So I have diagnosed the issue to the gen 4 PCIE slot is not working correctly ,it will continue to boot loop before I can even access the BIOS but if I use the gen 3 slot it works like it used to but obviously at slower speeds . So I put in a ticket through MSI and am currently waiting for a response from them. Until then I just wanted to post this in case someone is having or does have similar issue's. If you also have a possible fix for this I would definitely be interested in any help . Thank you.
  2. Yeah that's kinda my thought right now as well, I asked some coworkers if they have any older am4 socketed CPUs sitting around so hopefully one of them does for me to try and if not gonna just head up to shop to see if they would . Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone wondering if I can get a hand with an issue I have been having with my newish pc recently . To start off I built this pc about 4-5 months ago with almost all new parts ( old parts being hard drives with games and case ) that being said everything was brand new and working perfectly fine these last few months until about a week ago I have been stuck in a boot loop before I can even access the BIOS! That being said the only thing I did before this with the system was a windows update in which the pc did not shutoff at all and acted perfectly fine until going to use the next day an