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  1. yes it just blacks out all of a sudden and after a few seconds leave a random full color on the screen
  2. Update: its probably the GPU now, it just now did the exact same thing and i could hear everything working fine in the background. When i restarted, it for some reason maxed out to 640x8.. resolution and no color mode. How am i supposed to fix this.
  3. ok so this has been bugging me for more than a year and the thing is that for no reason my pc keeps blacking out and there is literally no hard drive activity. Its basically hard locked and no nothing works. I think its a psu issue but i cant get a new one cause my pc is so bad only that one defective model goes in there. Any ideas to stop this?
  4. So my headphones simply stopped working. Out of the blue, gone and dead. Windows detects the stick in the pc but that doesnt connect to pc. Ideas?
  5. ill just close this because it says preparing to reset
  6. Backups dont go for me really.. waste and clutter
  7. CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 RAM: 16gb of DDR3 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Disk: some Seagate 500GB ( ST500DM002-1BD142 )
  8. Alright i got to the login menu ill try to log in and reset the pc from settings ill let you know my progress
  9. So yes hi i just registered Anyways, I was casually playing roblox with my friend until my game froze and my chrome too. So naturally i just closed them both just to realize that chrome wasn't opening. I even tried Opera, Edge and even Internet Explorer but none worked and eventually not even roblox's client opened. Now, this has to be a problem on my PC's side because it was using a ton of disk processing and some sus programs were also using a ton of it. Then of course I boot on my windows 10 bootable USB, opens up and to my suprise, it's simply stuck