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  1. i just order it on amazon。hope its psu problem not motherboard
  2. thank you for rep im consider to get corsair RM 650x how about this one
  3. thanks for your advise i'll get one new power supply to check it out happy to kown it's not some other reason that i can‘t do it by my self
  4. is this mean PSU or Motherboard broken? yesterday when im enjoy my world of tanks my pc suddenly shutdown and can't start anymore i tried clean dust and give it time to cool down replug power cord but it's not work when i press power button no LED indicator light up and CPU fan does not turn。 my mother board has some LED display thing can show 2 digital number at right corner it‘s not light up too CPU:I7-6700K。never overclocked GPU:MSI armor oc?1060 3G motherboard:gigabyte Z150 PSU:oriented 600w 2 sumsung sata SSD 1 HDD