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  1. Marking this as solved. The flash was a complete succes! Thank you so much everyone who helped! Its back to stock clocks with newest drivers installed without any problem.
  2. Thank you so so much! Ok im gonna try and then see if it works. This community is awesome!
  3. Ok I got one last question. Since I used the ati patcher for the bios previously(so i can install drivers and use it atleast somewhat normally) do I need to unnistall the current drivers so it recognizes on the AMD flash tool that I have the modified bios? Since right now when I want to flash it shows the same version of VBios(probably because its modified so I could install drivers somehow). Hopefully the picture helps.
  4. I will give the update when I do it later. Hopefully it works!
  5. Yeah I did get VRAM leaks in Valorant after a few hours of gaming(it says there are insufficent vram to run it), so basically I just run the amd flash tool(as administrator), follow the instructions and use that first bios to flash it and then just restart and it should act like stock? Thank you for the quick answers!!!!! You guys are lifesavers!
  6. How do I check the model exactly? Do I have to physically inspect the card or is there a sofware for it? Also do I have to delete the old drivers that are working now so it can recognize its the mining bios on it? And last thing, on the site it says there are Pulse ITX Mini, Pulse Mini ITX and the normal Pulse. I believe mine is the normal Pulse but I just wanna double check to be sure... Thank you so much for helping!
  7. No, it appears it does not have a bios switch. There is nothing on the side of the card except the connections for pins for power supply to plug into.
  8. Hi everyone, first time poster here. Got a question. So basically I bought a Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4GB version. The card was used for mining but not for a long time so I figured it was a good deal since it was cheap by todays prices. My issue is whenever I want to install drivers it wont install properly since I believe it has a mining bios on it. For now im using the atikmdag-patcher-bios.exe to make the gpu have working drivers and I can use it to game and so on but since the newest drivers for the GPU, that patcher does not work for me anymore. So I would like to if its possible and not too